What to Expect

What To Expect

What to wear

Dress is casual at Desert Springs Covenant Church. We share a worship time with another congregation: Southside Church. We have people from many backgrounds but we share a belief that God is more interested in what is happening within us than the clothing that is on us!


You will find greeters at the front doors of the church to welcome you, to provide you with a bulletin and to assist in answering questions you may have. Our “experiment” in collaboration with Southside Church on Sundays is new, so if you come in asking for “Desert Springs” and a historical member of Southside greets you, it may take a second for it to register! Don’t worry… you are in the right place.

Children and student areas

At present, we are encouraging families to worship together and learn together. Families that would like space for little ones to have some freedom have the option of sitting in the lobby and welcome area, which is removed from the worshipping space only by windows. Honestly, we’d welcome squirmy bodies and the sounds of young children. Pastor Chris has a decade of experience in working with special needs children in worship settings and a trauma-informed ministry trainer. He has over 30 years in ministry to children, youth, and families and will be THRILLED to meet you.

Rather than a “one size fits all” approach to meeting your family’s needs, we’d prefer to have a conversation with you about whatever accommodations you might want or need.

Worship service

Our service will last approximately an hour (maybe a little longer when our time of prayer is extended). We sing a blend of contemporary songs and hymns of the past led by a praise team. The teaching is solidly Biblical and relevant to everyday life. Pastor Jim of Southside Church serves as the main preaching pastor, and Pastor Chris of Desert Springs serves as the main teaching pastor (leading the “ACTS” hour of family learning from 11:30-12:30 after our 10 am worship time).

The ACTS hour (11:30-12:30) will focus on the passages and themes that will come up in the following Sunday’s message and will set the stage for contemplation of the Word throughout the week. Our intent is that, if you are able to attend regularly, you will see how our worship extends throughout the week in study, prayer, and meditation. Some choose to study the Word with others throughout the week (small groups and home groups)… entering the formal worship time prepared to engage with Pastor Jim’s message in a powerful way.


Every Sunday we share what is called the Lord’s Supper, also known as Communion or the “Common Meal.” We do this, as commanded by Jesus, to remember His sacrifice and death on our behalf. Anyone who has made a personal commitment to follow Jesus Christ as Lord is invited to take communion with us. If you are not ready to participate, please do not feel uncomfortable at all. Communion is both corporate and deeply personal as well.

We will take communion weekly during our “ACTS” hour at 11:30 am, and monthly in our 10 am service. This has, in part, to do with our blending of two different church traditions, but we hope it also helps to reflect the unity within the diversity of Christ’s Body. We seek to strike a balance between the common and the mystical, recognizing that the early church “broke bread” and shared the Lord’s supper in homes and met every day! You can be assured that you will sense the Lord’s presence in our times of communion, even if shared in a variety of settings.


When you come as a guest or a newcomer we don’t want you to feel obligated in any way to give. As we “experiment” with collaborative worship and teaching alongside our sister church, Southside Church, it will be easiest to think of offerings given during the worship service going to Southside’s ministry and offerings given during the ACTS hour going to Desert Springs. If you are concerned about where your gift goes, you can find offering boxes for both congregations in the church and can ask an usher or one of the pastors for clarification.

Honestly… it all goes to further God’s Kingdom, but we want to honor your intention with your gift. So, if you have any concerns, just let us know!